The Carol Joy London Effect

Looking for something to beat those January blues? We have just the answer!

The fabulous, luxury spa brand, Carol Joy London will leave you feeling good from the inside out and provide that glow of happiness you’ve been waiting for…

Found in some of the world’s most prestigious spas, such as The Dorchester London and the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, Carol Joy London is an effective experience for the mind, body and soul. 

Carol Joy Hatton, the brand’s founder, spent years travelling the world in search of effective and transformational ingredients to base a range of skincare, haircare and spa treatments on. She returned to the UK with Golden Millet Oil and Pure Collagen - the two ingredients that form the core of Carol Joy London products today. 

What are the benefits of Golden Millet Oil?

  • Provides hair, skin and nails with vital nutrients
  • Strengthening, rejuvenating and repairing the hair
  • Renowned for healing properties
  • This super oil works from the inside out

The luxury and elegance of Carol Joy London has been developed into an amenity collection for hoteliers worldwide; so guests can now enjoy an exclusive spa experience in their hotel room. With fresh notes of citrus, jasmin petals and sandalwood, these products will leave you feeling pampered and invigorated; ready to take on the day!

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The Carol Joy London Effect

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