It's All About Bamboo

On 18th September 2021 we celebrate World Bamboo Day to raise awareness of bamboo globally. Bamboo is an excellent renewable resource, it’s sustainable as it grows extremely fast (bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet!) and produces a high yield. Generally, bamboo can be harvested and used in 5-6 years and plants replenish quickly once harvested

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Farewell Tiny Amenities...

With customers becoming progressively aware of how short term hotel stays are impacting the environment the hospitality industry needs to move to a more sustainable place. Dispensers are a step forward to reducing waste and making way for a more environmentally friendly approach to amenities.

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World Honey Bee Day

World Honey Bee Day is on the 17th August 2019, a day to celebrate what Honey Bees do for us and why we need to save our Bees! We can do this through giving more food to them; planting flowers that are rich in pollen and nectar are fundamental in feeding the bees

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Natural. Authentic. Vibrant. Passionate.

Set among the sandy shores of Mont Saint-Michel, Saint Malo lies Phytomer, a luxury spa brand improving people’s health and well-being through the powers of the sea. For 3 generations, the brand has been creating in-house unprecedented marine active ingredients, and manufacturing high-quality products distributed throughout the world.

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